Playoff picture

Playoff picture

26 August 2023

Playoff race going into final week of the regular season

Playoff spots secured

  • Vienna Vikings (Eastern conference winner, bye to semifinal, home advantage)
  • Stuttgart Surge (Central conference winner, ranked #3, home advantage in wild card round)
  • Rhein Fire
  • Frankfurt Galaxy

Western conference

Galaxy needs win vs Fire > +24 to clinch Western conference and bye to semi final.

Either Galaxy or Fire will be ranked #4 and, hence, have home advantage in Wild Card round.

Wild card spots

Four teams are still in the race for two spots. Two teams will be qualified in the following order:

  1. Thunder if they win vs Sea Devils
  2. Panthers if they win at Enthroners
  3. Raiders Tirol if they win at Milano Seamen and (1) or (2) not happening
  4. Thunder if they lose and either (2) or (3) not happening
  5. Panthers if the lose and Raiders lose

This assumes there are no extreme point margin wins.

  • Raiders would need to catch up 72 points for Panthers and 122 points for Thunder if both (Raiders+Panthers or Raiders+Thunder) win/both lose.
  • Ravens would need to win and catch up 102 (Panthers and Raiders lose) or 152 points (Thunder lose and Raiders or Panthers lose).