Strength of schedule 2023 (week 9)

Strength of schedule 2023 (week 9)

1 August 2023

Strongest conference

For the 2023 season, the ELF conferences were reorganised. Before the season, the Western conference was said to be the strongest. After nine weeks, this can be confirmed. Out of their 14 interconference games, the Western teams won eleven and lost three: Hamburg vs Wroclaw (Eastern) in week 1 and Paris both games vs Stuttgart (Central). In the only eastern-central-interconference game, Vienna (Eastern) beat Tirol (Central).

Strength of schedule

Looking at each teams schedule, we can compute the strength of schedule. We use a combination of Opponent Winning Percentage (OW) and the OW of the opponents faced by the team under analysis (OOW).

As the Western conference is the strongest conference, its teams have higher strength of schedule. Hamburg (4-4) comes up as having the hardest schedule so far, with Wroclaw (6-3) and Berlin (6-3) as interconference opponents. Paris (3-6) follows with Stutgart (7-1) and Barcelona (2-6) as IC games. Munich (4-4) and Helvetic (3-6) have the hardest schedule in the Central, both playing Rhein Fire (8-0) and Barcelona (2-6).